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Tackling Trash That Elevates Your Property While Making You A Profit

A Smarter Waste Solution


Improve your community’s aesthetic curbside appeal. Provide your property a competitive advantage over other communities. Increase property asset value by adding a new revenue stream. Dumpster areas are cleaned weekly.


Improve resident acquisition, retention and satisfaction. Increase net operating income (NOI) by providing positive cash flow with no start-up investment. Background checked, trained and uniformed with name tags. Nannies take care of your property like their own. Transparent daily communication/alerts and tracking customized on individual community basis.


Keep students/residents out of danger by eliminating those late-night trips to the dumpster. Another set of eyes to protect the community. Provide the residents a “green” eco-friendly environment – more than half of residents are willing to pay additional rent for a greener lifestyle. Trash is collected shortly after it is placed outside. No odors, leakage, stains, pests.

Experiencing any of these issues?

  • dark-trash-bin-lid-on

    Contamination fees

  • dark-trash-bin-lid-on

    Increase in rental license fees

  • dark-trash-bin-lid-on

    Recycling probation for mixed waste

  • dark-trash-bin-lid-on

    Trash chute clogs and repairs

  • dark-trash-bin-lid-on

    Decreased resident satisfaction

Here's How We Help:

Trash Nanny elevates your property while making you a profit.
By tackling the hassle of clogged dumpster shoots and
piled up garbage bags in hallways, we are a no-risk solution.

For every resident, Trash Nanny will dispose of resident’s trash
in a safe, timely, efficient and mess-free way. We raise property value
and cap rate by an affordable service earning you up to 20% per unit.

Our 5 day per week doorstep service saves residents the time
and hassle of having to carry their trash through the community
to the dumpsters/compactors.

Voted #1 amenity by residents - here's why:

No more lugging
garbage down the stairs!

No more shuttling
trash in or on top of your car!

No more dealing with
smelly, dirty overflowing

No more potentially
unsafe night-time walks
to dumpsters.

No more disputes
about whose turn it is
to go to the dumpster!

A clean community
= Happy residents

More Than Rubbish

In addition to trash services, Trash Nanny will take care of your pet stations and dumpster areas.
We clean, sanitize, and refresh your community spaces weekly to elevate your property.