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  • Communities

    Improve the community’s aesthetic curbside appeal. Provides the property a competitive advantage over other communities. Increase property asset value by adding a new revenue stream. Dumpster areas are cleaned weekly.

  • Managers

    Improves resident acquisition, retention and satisfaction. Increased net operating income (NOI) by providing positive cash flow with no start-up investment. Background checked, trained and unformed with name tags Nannies take care of your property like their own. Transparent daily communication/alerts and tracking customized on individual community basis.

  • Residents

    Keep students/residents out of danger by eliminating those late-night trips to the dumpster. Another set of eyes to protect the community. Provides the residents a “green” eco-friendly environment – more than half of residents are willing to pay additional rent for a greener lifestyle. Trash is collected shortly after it is placed outside. No odors, leakage, stains, pests.

  • Green

    Offers residents an eco-friendly environment
    and an opportunity for a greener lifestyle.

  • Convenient

    Our 5 day per week doorstep service
    saves residents the time and hassle of having
    to carry their trash through the community
    to the dumpsters/compactors.

  • Safe

    Our doorstep service helps keep residents safe
    by eliminating late night trips to the dumpster
    and being another set of eyes watching over the
    community and deterring potential crime.

  • Practical

    One of the most desirable and frequently used
    amenities with residents utilizing the service
    by professionals that will care for your property
    as our own.

No initiation fee, no risk

No risk All reward - No initiation fee Review and sign contract Let the Trash Nanny service begin
Increased maintenance efficiencies –Increased net operating income (NOI) by providing positive cash flow with no start-up investment. Improves resident acquisition, retention and satisfaction. Dedicated and Consistent Team servicing your community. No Trash Left Behind- Nanny's are trained from the “Property Management Perspective”.

Get Started Today

We are eager to hear from you.  Request a quote today! Once the contract is signed, give us a start date and we will notify residents of the new Trash Nanny service. We will give them the basic instructions for the service, and drop off a brand new trash can to each resident.Easy as that!