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Service Operations

For every resident, Trash Nanny will dispose of resident's trash in a timely, efficient and mess-free way. We raise property value and cap rate by offering an affordable service earning you up to 20% per unit.

Our 5 day per week doorstep service saves residents the time and hassle of having to carry their trash through the community to the dumpsters/compactors.

The Facts

  • Increase property asset value by adding a new revenue stream.

  • Improve the community's aesthetic curbside appeal.

  • Tack on-site trash issues. No trash is left out during leasing hours.

  • Provides the property a competitive advantage over other communities.

  • Dumpster areas are cleaned weekly.

  • Increased maintenance efficiencies - staff can focus on other resident satisfaction and customer service issues instead of trash.

  • Increased net operating income (NOI) by providing positive cash flow with no start-up investment.

  • No monthly cost.

  • Offers residents an eco-friendly environment and an opportunity for a greener lifestyle.

  • 5 day per week doorstep service.

  • Saves residents the time and hassle of having to dumpsters/compactors.

  • Our service helps keep residents safe by eliminating late night trips to the dumpster.

  • Another set of eyes watching over the community and deterring potential crime.

  • Transparent daily communication/alerts and tracking customized on individual community.

  • Improves resident acquisition, retention and satisfaction.

  • 24/7 support for your property and community.

  • No start-up costs of any kind, period.

Get Started Today

We are eager to hear from you.  Request a quote today! Once the contract is signed, give us a start date and we will notify residents of the new Trash Nanny service. We will give them the basic instructions for the service, and drop off a brand new trash can to each resident.Easy as that!